Saowalak Intong Ltd owns and operates eight sugar mills in Thailand. Combining the mills together, we manufacture more than half of Thailand’s raw sugar – crushing about 15 million tonnes of cane annually to produce more than two million tonnes of raw sugar.

Our sugar mills are among the most efficient in the world. We are recognised globally as one of the lowest-cost producers of raw sugar.

The mills operate each year during the crushing season, which traditionally runs from June to November. During this period, mature sugarcane is harvested and then transported to the mills, where it is crushed to extract sugar juice. The juice is then processed to create raw sugar.

The process also generates two valuable by-products:

  • bagasse (ba – gas) – the fibrous material left after the cane has been crushed
  • molasses – the syrup leftover after sugar crystals have been formed

We recycle these by-products to create renewable energy products.