White Crystal Sugar is recommended for most customers because it contains less chemical, it is more readily available, and it a lower cost replacement to the traditional White Refined Sugar, ICUMSA 45.
White Crystal Sugar is formed by crystallization process, without chemical refining.


We are backed by a team of quality controllers who make sure that the offered lot is in complete conformity with the quality standards. With due assistance and knowledge of diligent professionals, we are capable of making available Sugar Icumsa 45 in the nationwide market.

A highly versatile product, capable of meeting the requirements of domestic, industrial and pharmaceutical applications. It stands out for its low color content, and it is widely used in the soda and transparent beverage industries, wherein the color (or absence of color) of the mixture is a significant factor for the product. Its purity and low susceptibility to microbiological contamination (practically sterile) makes this product one of the most indicated for drug manufacturing in pharmaceutical industries.

The shelf life of crystal sugar is 24 months.

  • 50, 25, 1015  kg polypropylene bags
  • 50 kg polypropylene bags with polyethylene lining (on request)
  • Flexible 1.200 kg container

We provide third-party certification of our sugar, such as by SGS, upon client request.

Payment will by cordially agreed upon by the buyer and the seller once the price is confirmed.

For storage of crystal sugar, avoid excessive heat, high humidity, or direct sunlight. Do not store the sugar near chemicals or products with strong odors. Do not store the sugar in contact with the floor or walls. Variations in humidity and temperature may cause the sugar to harden (caking). Recommended relative humidity is below 65%.


Color: White Crystal ICUMSA 150
Origin Brazil
SPECIFICATIONS Brazilian White Crystal Sugar
Polarization 99.70 degree min
Ash Content 0.08 % max
Moisture 0.08% max
Radiation Within internationally acceptable limits
Sediments None
Smell Free from unusual or abnormal smells
Substance Structure White Crystalline